Interesting Cycling Statistics


With 43% of the UK population having access to or using a bicycle on a regular basis, this mode of transport is on the up and up. In 2012, the last complete census, some 3.6 million cycles were sold compared to just 2 million cars, and this pattern is repeated throughout most of Europe  ( not for the Belgians apparently  ? ).

A growing interest in electronically assisted cycles is also recorded,  again with a corresponding increase in sales, and worldwide this is expected to increase somewhat exponentially over the coming decades, with the chinese leading the way of course !

It is said via the UCI that some 3 milliion people in the UK alone cycle 3 times a week or more, with a figure in excess of 20 million reporting a cycling trip in the course of their year.

In Denmark they go even further, as the United Nations carried out  a recent study revealing that the people of Denmark and Scandinavian countries are the happiest in the world– AND importantly this is put down to the high usage and ownership of bikes !!

With this upsurge and interest in cycling, there should be a corresponding increase in cycling and leisure related holidays too.  Indeed, every year throughout the EU around 26 million cycle trips and/or holidays are made, involving at least one nights stay and normally longer than that.

France has long been the home of the ‘cycling holiday’ extraordinaire !!  So many people choose France, and certainly we believe this to be the best all round experience, for a cycling holiday.

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